The Endless Mission Begins Next Week

Published: November 7, 2019 1:30 PM /


Endless Mission

E-Line Media, the publisher of 2.5d platformer Never Alone, has announced that their next project will be hitting Early Access soon. The Endless Mission hits the service on November 14th, giving you a chance to try out game creation tools.

The Endless Mission is a game creation game. You'll get the chance to do simple things, like just tell genres to mix and match, to way more complicated stuff, right up to altering the game's code. The goal? Make something fun, of course. There is a story mode where you follow a woman named Ada, at the moment her goal has yet to be revealed. There appears to be an evil robot. Regardless, to solve her problem you'll have to hack into various games and alter them as needed, including just straight up making your own games. If you've wanted a chance to dip into coding, The Endless Mission may be a great place to start.

We got a chance to check out The Endless Mission back during E3 2018 and found it to be a rather interesting tool. Right from the start, it felt like E-Line Media was on to something interesting. I was able to play around with gameplay styles seen in platformers, racing games, and RTSes. Which mostly meant I won a race by making my platformer hero go really fast endlessly. I also got to see some content created by the devs using the game, such as turning an RTS into a twin-stick shooter, or making an endless runner out of the platformers.

The Endless Mission hits Early Access on November 14th, 2019. The Steam page says the full version is currently planned for a 2021 release.

How do you feel about The Endless Mission? Going to embark on it? Rather stick to LittleBigPlanet? Let us know in the comments below!

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