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Published: October 30, 2014 10:15 AM /


Endless Legends

Amplitude Studios has continued its work on updating Endless Legend, as it has now released a new patch in time for Halloween as part of their post-release plan. Amplitude has said that they want to work on free add-ons and expansions similar to what they did in Endless Space and they’ve released their first free add-on called Shades of Alteration.

They’ve called it a mini add-on, though at least one of its parts has been highly anticipated by the community. That of course, is the addition of mod-support for Endless Legend – allowing it to become truly endless with the support of the fans. They have released a bunch of tutorials for it, and the modding is according to them largely XML based though you can add your own icons. New skills, items, quests, traits and most anything else is possible.

Shades of Alteration does add more than just mod support though. It adds a new Halloween themed subquest with a new Broken Lords’ Hero and a brand new item. They’ve decided that Hero’s level too fast as Governor’s and now gain only 2 XP per turn as governor, identical to a Hero leading an army. They fixed a couple issues with asserts that were causing the game greater stability issues in some cases and crashing it.

The AI got a couple improvements such as taking Founder’s Memorial into account, and building watchtowers. A handful of quest errors were fixed such as the Ardent Mage main quest 8, quest tier items and Too Many Chiefs indicators. Most of the rest of the fixes are minor little bits that are quick patches to quality of life issues within the game.

The list of things that are planned for the add-ons and expansions for the rest of this year could potentially deal with many of the issues that came up with the game in our review of it as Amplitude seems cognizant of the games issue’s. Here is the list of things they are processing for their work on the first major add-on, though of course, not all of it may make it in the first one or two.

  • New stuff involving Weapon Visuals (no details as of yet)
  • Advanced world generation options, as well as fixing the remaining generation issues on the exotic operating systems
  • New outgame view (the 3d scene behind the menus)
  • New side quests
  • A new minor faction
  • Advanced notifications (idle cities, unassigned heroes, end of pillars, etc.)
  • Loading tips to clarify some deep game mechanics which cannot be explained in the tutorial
  • Market improvement
  • Battle UI improvement
  • AI War management: attack (more parallel attacks, opportunistic interceptions)
  • AI War management: defence (more units in garrison, regrouping of armies inside cities, better frontier defence)
  • AI War management: threat evaluation and region scoring (threat of rising players, minor factions, mission interruption)
  • AI Empire Plan Management: avoid hurting the economy to achieve higher tiers at all costs
  • AI Resource Management: tweaks and tuning, better use of luxury boosters
  • AI Overall Balancing: tech priorities, improve militia
  • And more AI improvements on Battle, Unit Design, and Economy

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