Endgame 'Abyss Raids' Coming in Lost Ark March 2022 Update

Published: March 2, 2022 3:13 PM /


Lost Ark March 2022 Update cover

Amazon Games and Smilegate have revealed some details about the Lost Ark March 2022 update -- including the debut of "Abyss Raids," a new piece of endgame content.

To say that Lost Ark has been popular would be an understatement. Although a launch delay of several hours got on some people's nerves, the game's release a month ago resulted in at least 1.5 million Founder's Pack sales and 4.7 million new game accounts.

The popularity of this game has held strong; it still sits at the top of Steam 250's Most Played list. Those numbers might bump up again when the Lost Ark March 2022 update arrives -- and now we know about some of the new goodies arriving in this forthcoming update.

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What's Coming in the Lost Ark March 2022 Update?

Not all of the details about the Lost Ark March 2022 update have been revealed, but we have learned about two new things that are on the way thanks to a Steam news post: a new story episode and Abyss Raids.

Let's start with Abyss Raids -- these will be "an entirely new end-game activity" for players to enjoy, somewhat similar to Guardian Raids. Abyss Raids will put 8 players together against a Guardian, but they will be much tougher than usual and feature three phases. Each phases will have its own rewards that can be collected once a week. Argos will be the first of these raids, available through the Abyss Raid Statue in the game's major cities.

Also arriving in the Lost Ark March 2022 update is a new story episode. These will include the search for Kadan, the first Guardian slayer. Naturally, several new quests will be added, too; it's recommended that players have at least item level 1,100 to participate.

Again, it should be noted that this is not everything coming in this month's update -- this is just a teaser for some of the cooler things to come. Smilegate and Amazon also plan to release a roadmap for upcoming content over the next few months. For now, you can join in on the ARP fun by playing Lost Ark for free on PC via Steam.

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