New Embracer Acquisitions Include CrazyLabs, 3D Realms, And More

The juggernaut that is the Embracer Group continues its acquisition quest, giving the embrace to 8 new companies including CrazyLabs and 3D Realms for a total over 300m USD

Published: August 5, 2021 9:26 AM /


A banner image announcing the Embracer Group acquisition of CrazyLabs

The long, long list of Embracer acquisitions extends even further as the Swedish company makes 8 more purchases. These include Super Stylist developer CrazyLabs, Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior studio 3D Realms, and Deep Rock Galactic developer Ghost Ship Games.

What are the new Embracer acquisitions?

Eight acquisitions is a lot, but Embracer Group is well-known for making regular acquisitions in the gaming and gaming-adjacent spaces. We don't have the value for each individual acquisition, but cumulatively, Embracer spent around 2.7 billion Swedish krona (roughly $313 million) on these studios. Here are all the companies being welcomed as Embracer acquisitions.


Super Stylist, created by CrazyLabs, one of the new Embracer acquisitions

Arguably one of the biggest new Embracer acquisitions is the mobile developer CrazyLabs, which the Swedish giant describes as "exactly the type of company Embracer wants to join forces with". The studio is best known for the phenomenally successful Super Stylist, but it's also responsible for mobile titles like I Can PaintDentist Bling, and Tie Dye. Although Embracer doesn't disclose the value of each individual acquisition, CrazyLabs brought in $152.9 million in revenue between July 2020 and June 2021, so it's likely this deal was made for a pretty significant sum.

3D Realms

You'll most likely recognize 3D Realms' name through games like Duke Nukem 3D and the original Shadow Warrior. In recent years, 3D Realms has made something of a comeback as a publisher through retro-style shooters like Ion Fury and Wrath: Aeon of Ruin. 3D Realms CEO Mike Nielsen is stepping down as part of the acquisition, although he'll remain in an advisory position. He'll be replaced by Frederik Schreiber.

Ghost Ship Games

Deep Rock Galactic, the debut title from Ghost Ship Games

Another of the new Embracer acquisitions is Danish developer Ghost Ship Games. Ghost Ship released its debut title Deep Rock Galactic last year. It's a co-op FPS all about dwarves and their mission to mine everything in sight. Embracer says the studio will remain autonomous despite the acquisition.

Slipgate Ironworks

Graven, a first-person puzzler by Slipgate Ironworks

If you're a fan of retro shooters, there's a good chance you'll recognize Slipgate Ironworks' name from the 2013 Rise of the Triad reboot. The studio also worked on first-person ninja parkour sim Ghostrunner, as well as first-person puzzler Graven this year.


Digixart is the creator of narrative adventure game 11-11 Memories Retold, and is also the studio responsible for musical odyssey Lost in Harmony, a game that boasted the involvement of Fugees alumnus Wyclef Jean in the soundtrack. It is working on the soon-to-release Road 96, which recently ran into advertising problems with Facebook.

Easy Trigger

Huntdown, a 2D shooter created by Easy Trigger

"Hard boiled action comedy" shoot-'em-up Huntdown is Easy Trigger's first game, so if you loved that, Embracer's injection of funding should give this studio more to play with for its next title.

Force Field

Known primarily for VR experiences, Force Field is a Dutch developer whose games include Oculus offerings like LandfallTime Stall, and Coaster Combat. The studio will continue to operate as an "independent subsidiary" of Embracer.


This is a fun one. Embracer describes Grimfrost as a "leading player with a global brand within high-quality Viking merchandise". Grimfrost sells direct to customers, but the studio has also provided props for high-profile productions like Game of Thrones and, well, Vikings, as well as museum reproductions.

Each of these companies will operate under one of the various companies existing within Embracer Group's umbrella. CrazyLabs, for example, will operate under the Deca Games label, while Force Field will work with Koch Media-owned Vertigo Games and Slipgate Ironworks will work within Saber Interactive. If this is all getting a bit jargon-heavy, just know this: Embracer Group is one of the biggest holding companies in gaming, and its roster just got bigger.

Which of the new Embracer Group acquisitions would you like to see making something new? Let us know in the comments below!

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