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Published: December 8, 2016 10:28 AM /


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With all this recent talk about No Man's Sky and Star Citizen you'd almost forget there's a third space flight game that's been trucking on just fine: Frontier Developments' Elite: Dangerous. The game has been getting a steady flow of updates since its release back in December of 2014 that were met with mixed results by both critics and the public. Despite this, Elite: Dangerous has managed to acquire itself a rather dedicated community filled with players exploring the vast nothingness of space while ferrying cargo from one space station to the next. The game already made its way to Microsoft's Xbox One last year, and now it's time for the PlayStation 4 to get itself acquainted with the concept of interstellar trade and politics.

It is great to come to PlayStation. When Elite Dangerous arrives on PlayStation 4 next year, we’re bringing the full game with everything in our ‘Horizons’ season of expansions included, so not only can you fly your ship, but you can carry an ‘SRV’ – Surface Recon Vehicle – in your hold, and charge around the surfaces of planets and moons at up to 100mph, finding materials, attacking bases, or seeking out hidden secret things with your friends.
Frontier Developments are aiming for a Q2 2017 release window and the version coming to the PlayStation 4 will have the same content as the PC and Xbox One versions of the game, including the content released in the game's Horizon season. The Horizons content enables players to load up their ships with smaller fighter ships that can help you out during combat. Horizons also introduced the ability to ferry people from place to place in addition to shipping goods, amongst other things.

According to  a press release sent out by Frontier Developments, Elite: Dangerous will be taking advantage of the PlayStation 4 Pro's higher-end hardware. What this means is anyone's guess at this point, but it probably means you get better performance if you play the game on the Pro. At the time of writing this, it is also unknown whether the PlayStation 4 version will get support for PSVR, although one could reasonably expect this feature to make its way to the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

Quick Take

I can see this game working on the PlayStation 4, provided the controls are well-thought-out. I've spent quite some time with the PC version of the game and while the game is mostly about you being a futuristic mailman, it's definitely an experience that snugly fits in between engaging and engaging.

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