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EA's show opened up with a 3D display of Anthem to get the crowd a bit hyped up, but they decided to hold one of their most-anticipated titles for a bit later in the show. The first game being shown was Battlefield V. The presenters brought up about how people wanted to see more gameplay and more customizations so that's what they set out to deliver.

Players will be able to crash through windows. Previously-stationary weapons like artillery will be able to be hooked up to vehicles like tanks and moved around the map. Of course, the Frostbite engine means that buildings are still very much destructible. They also had a short mention of the customization front, stating that both players and vehicles can be customized. The idea of "no lootboxes and no premium pass" was reiterated, a particular point that Electronic Arts has been very vocal about.


The Battlefield V trailer showcases some of the absolutely immense destruction that players can experience in the game.

Battlefield V will have a Battle Royale experience that will utilize the strengths of Battlefield gameplay alongside some new innovations that will make it stand out in this particular genre. More about this particular part of the game will be revealed later in the year.

The presentation concluded with a trailer that showed off some more gameplay. We got to see a paratrooper invasion transitioning into groups of soldiers running through a small, wintery town that was taking a lot of damage to the surrounding buildings.

NVIDIA put up just under three minutes of gameplay footage of the PC Version of the game on a 1080 TI:


An exclusive first look at Nordlys War Story will premier at the Xbox Briefing tomorrow.

Update: A post on the PlayStation Blog details Grand Operations and Multiplayer in Battlefield V.

Grand Operations are an upgraded version of the Operations mechanic in Battlefield 1. "Days" of an operation are represented by rounds in the Grand Operation. Your actions in each round will have an effect on subsequent rounds, meaning that there will be much more to this gameplay mode than simply trying to win a majority of rounds. Your performance will affect the kind of equipment, ammunition, and number of respawns you will have available on the subsequent day. Poor performance on your team's part can quickly snowball into a nigh-unwinnable situation.

Most operations will take place over three rounds totaling around an hour of time (save for a particularly close match.)

As for the other multiplayer modes, the first on the list is Airborne. Airborne is exclusive to Grand Operations. Attackers will be trying to destroy artillery pieces placed on the map and defenders will be doing their best to protect them. Final Stand is a game mode where players have no respawns - once you're dead, you're dead. Conquest and Team Deathmatch will also be making a return in Battlefield V.

Breakthrough is an attack/defend style game. The defenders begin with controlling the entire map and the attackers must capture sectors in sequence. Frontlines has players capturing only one open objective at a time; capture of this objective makes the next one closer to the enemy base open. Capture enough of them and you'll be able to assault the main enemy base. Finally, Domination is a scaled-down version of the game where two teams fight over objectives at the infantry level.

Keep an eye on TechRaptor as we cover the Microsoft Briefing where we'll be seeing a first look at Nordlys War Story!

If you want to know more about this and other announcements happening at E3 then be sure to check out our E3 2018 Coverage Hub.

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