Redfall Subreddit Struggling With Reveal Redfall is Not Elder Scrolls

The Largest Elder Scrolls VI subreddit is debating what to do after the discovery that Redfall is not the next game in the series at E3 2021.

Published: June 14, 2021 2:00 PM /


A still from the Elder Scrolls VI announcement trailer.

Like every year, E3 brings joy and disappointment for gamers of all types. One group is experiencing a very specific type of disappointment after the reveal that Redfall is its own game and not the subtitle for The Elder Scrolls VI.

When it was first announced by Bethesda back at E3 2018, very little concrete info was given about The Elder Scrolls VI, but that didn't stop people from wondering where the next game would take place. Along with examining the landscape in the trailer and how it compares to the regions of Tamriel, a major part of the speculation centered around the "Redfall" trademark filed in September 2018 by Zenimax, the parent company of Bethesda. One suggestion is that Redfall is a mashup of Redguard, one of the game's races, and Hammerfell, their home region, and the generally believed location of the game based on the teasers geography. Despite not having an official subtitle to go on, that didn't stop fans from creating a subreddit using that name, and it became the most popular subreddit around The Elder Scrolls VI.

Promotional art for Redfall, a game that has nothing to do with The Elder Scrolls VI.
Not pictured: The Elder Scrolls VI

Yesterday, our Redfall-themed questions were answered when we learned that Redfall is the titular Massachusetts town players explore in a co-op shooter being developed by Arkane Studios, another subsidiary of Zenimax. However, this discovery has lead to some awkwardness on the Redfall subreddit that isn't actually dedicated to Redfall A message pinned by the moderators, dated yesterday and aptly titled "WELL WHOOPSIE DAISIES," explained that they titled the subreddit when they thought it was a mashup of Elder Scrolls terms (Redguard and Hammerfell.) But now that the Redfall belief is a bust (although Hammerfell could still be where VI takes place,) and the moderators of the subreddit are discussing about what they are going to do, while the community posts some memes and jokes around the area.

The moderators say they are planning on updating the subreddit sometime in the future, but there's uncertainty as to how it'll be updated. Will they be simply updating theirs to better match the game's actual location (or a more generic Elder Scrolls VI-devoted subreddit) or will they hand it over to Redfall fans as they go make another subreddit?

There's still no word on when The Elder Scrolls VI will release, or when it will get a subtitle that'll tell us where it's set.

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