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Bethesda and Zenimax Online have given details on the upcoming Thieves Guild DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. Players can expect a new zone and quests that will take them across all of Tamriel.

According to Bethesda this will be spilt into two parts, a DLC pack and a base game patch that is focused on balancing combat among other things.

The first part, The Thieves Guild DLC pack, will add the new zone is called Hew’s Bane, those looking to join the Guild will have to head to the southern peninsula of Hammerfell. New quests and story content along with a new 12-player trial called Maw of Lorkhaj. The Thieves Guild members will also get unique costumes befitting of members of the guild and a new passive skill line. In the main line Elder Scrolls games Thieves Guild quests were always about being sneaky and staying in the shadows meaning we will being seeing how all of this is handled in an mmo which is a genre not typically known for its stealth gameplay. 

The second part is the base game patch. This will add balancing to the combat and gameplay. Improvements to the Cyrodiil campaign have also been made aswell as changes to grouping, adding incentives for people from different alliance groups to team up. A 64-bit client for PC and Mac is also being added and the long awaited scrolling combat text, meaning people will be able to see their damage values.

The Bethesda website gives us an idea of what the story of The Thieves Guild will be, explaining how it fits into the gameplay and world of Elder Scrolls Online. The Thieves Guild the DLC is dealing with in particular, is that of Abah's Landing, an organization with all types of criminals who focus on the art of acquiring goods through alternative means like pickpockets, burglars, robbers, and thieves. They are in a state of crisis as they are being hunted by a relentless mercenary organization known as the Iron Wheel. Angered by a high-stakes heist gone wrong the Iron Wheel are crying for justice and will stop at nothing to get their justice. As the Thieves Guild newest recruit you'll use your relative anonymity to sneak along rooftops, steal from the shadows, recover lost treasures and try to help restore the guild's reputation.

A trailer was also put out by Zenimax Online to show off the new DLC pack. 

The trailer gives us a look at the new zone as well as some of the dungeons and monsters that are being added with the DLC.

No price or release date has been given. The previous DLC, Imperial City, was free to subscribers but cost around $24.99 for players that weren't subscribed.   

The Thieves Guild was always a huge aspect of The Elder Scrolls series for people that wanted to go down that route. It was a enormous disappointment to many players that there wasn't one for The Elder Scrolls Online. For the game that was meant to be a new chapter in the series, it had a lot of features missing that had always been present throughout the long history of The Elder Scrolls. Hopefully players that have wanted this since the launch of the game can be satisfied with the DLC Pack.

A list of patch notes was supplied by Bethesda and are here below:

The Thieves Guild DLC Pack Content

  • Join the iconic Thieves Guild for the first time in ESO
  • Hew’s Bane, a new zone that is available to characters of all levels and home of Abah’s Landing, the Thieves Guild headquarters, located in the southern peninsula of Hammerfell
  • Hours of exciting new story content and quests that will take you through all your favorite areas of Tamriel
  • A challenging, new 12-player trial: Maw of Lorkhaj
  • Formidable new group bosses and delves to conquer
  • The addition of new criminal activities
  • A new passive skill line exclusive to members of the Thieves Guild
  • Unique costumes, motifs, and item sets inspired by the devious Thieves Guild

Base Game Patch Features & Content

  • A 64-bit client for PC and Mac
  • Improvements to grouping including incentives and cross-alliance grouping outside of the Grouping Tool
  • Tons of combat and gameplay balance changes
  • Scrolling combat text (SCT)
  • Improvements and updates to Cyrodiil and its campaigns
  • Access to content from other alliances in any order you choose upon reaching Veteran Rank 1
  • Prioritization of animations during combat
  • Improved facial animations for Mac
  • …and more!

What are your feelings on The Elder Scrolls Online? How do you think this will effect the game?

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