Elden Ring Update 1.07 Adds Separate PvP Scaling

From Software has added separate PvP scaling to Elden Ring in the game's latest update, so you can finally try out that ridiculous build without fear of it impacting your PvE experience.

Published: October 13, 2022 8:39 AM /


The logo for Elden Ring update 1.07, which shows the player kneeling beneath the titular Elden Ring and the text "Elden Ring Patch Notes V1.07" on the right

Elden Ring update 1.07 has been released, and From Software has made a pretty surprising decision in this latest patch. The studio has introduced separate PvP scaling for weapons and skills, meaning that the same build will feel different when you're battling bosses versus when you're pitted against players.

In the patch notes for this latest Elden Ring update, Bandai Namco reveals that the new Elden Ring PvP scaling applies to weapons, skills, spells, and incantations. The studio also says that in future, this feature could be used to balance weapons and skills during invasions and in PvP gameplay modes. If balance adjustments are made to PvP stats, they won't affect single-player or co-op play (unless you're fighting together against invaders, of course).

Two jars sitting around a Site of Grace in Elden Ring, probably talking about Elden Ring update 1.07
"That's right, son. You can now use your Bloodhound Step build to smash those PvP scrubs and use it in PvE for different scaling."

Specific PvP balance adjustments include increased PvP stamina attack power, better poise damage, and lower Ashes of War damage, as well as decreased power for specific incantations like Agheel's Flame and Ekzykes' Decay. If your build revolves around those incantations, then you might want to make a few adjustments.

Of course, the update also brings plenty of balance adjustments across the board. These include improved poise for two-handed attacks, better Colossal Sword attack speed, and better guard penetration for weapons like Celebrant's Sickle and the Winged Scythe. It's definitely worth reading the full Elden Ring 1.07 patch notes, because there are a lot of changes to get to grips with.

Elden Ring DLC might be on the horizon

It doesn't stop with the above patch notes, though. Souls community member, Bloodborne 60fps patch creator, and all-round good egg Lance McDonald has pointed out some interesting things about this update (spotted by @sennoutantei on Twitter). One of these things is the presence of references to ray tracing in Elden Ring 1.07's menu strings, indicating that the game could be getting ray tracing added soon.

Perhaps the more interesting thing McDonald found in the update's menu strings, however, are references to "two new maps that do not yet otherwise exist" in Elden Ring's game data. McDonald doesn't name these maps, either because the names aren't given in the menu strings or because he doesn't want to spoil things. Could this be an indication of the long-awaited Elden Ring DLC? Time will tell.

You can pick up Elden Ring right now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. 

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