Elden Ring Invisible Paths Are a Thing, Apparently

Published: April 6, 2022 3:55 PM /


Elden Ring Invisible Paths cover

At least two Elden Ring invisible paths have been discovered by players so far, highlighting yet another Soulslike tradition that's featured in Miyazaki's latest game.

Elden Ring has proven to be immensely popular, selling over 12 million units in the short time since its launch. A huge part of the appeal is the game's massive open world that's jam-packed with secrets. Now, it looks like one of these secrets has flown a bit under the radar since launch: there are at least two completely invisible bridges secreted away in the world.


Where Are the Elden Ring Invisible Paths?

Before we go into detail about the Elden Ring invisible paths, keep in mind that these are effectively spoilers for some of the game's more well-hidden secrets. Part of the charm of a Soulslike is finding these things on your own, so it's best to step away if you'd like to find them yourself. (That said, playing in online mode virtually guarantees that in-game messages will show you where they are anyway).

The invisible paths require, in a sense, a leap of faith. You have to jump off of a ledge in what looks like a fatal jump, only to happily land on an invisible path. These paths lead to some pretty neat secrets. Thankfully, it's a straight line to the hidden room they lead you to -- not even Miyazaki is that cruel.


As highlighted in the Reddit submission, a total of two Elden Ring invisible paths have been discovered. The first is the one shown in the above video, located in the Hidden Path to Haligtree tunnel. The second path is in The Spell Tower in Mountaintops of Giants; you can reach this path by crossing the broken bridge.

Multiple comments in that discussion state that these are the only invisible paths that they've found in the game. That said, there may still be other Elden Ring invisible paths hidden in the world that have yet to be discovered. You can uncover all of the secrets in Miyazaki's latest masterpiece by buying Elden Ring for PC and consoles starting at $59.99 or your regional equivalent via its official website.

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