Elden Ring Dataminers Discover Cut Vyke Questline

Published: June 15, 2022 1:59 PM /


Elden Ring Vyke

The popular RPG Elden Ring is full of content and takes a long time to complete, but it could have been even longer. A dataminer known as Sekiro Dubi has spent hours playing and digging into the game to find removed content. They shared their most recent discovery on Twitter showing an entire questline related to a character named Festering Fingerprint Vyke AKA Vyke, the Knight of the Roundtable as well as some removed dialogue.

The Elden Ring Vyke Questline

As a Soulslike game, Elden Ring follows an unclear narrative structure where the lore is mainly revealed through exploration and context. As players journey through the hostile world, they'll encounter many foes to fight and characters to chat. Of this cast, Vyke is a significant character who appears as both an enemy invader and eventual boss encounter. Not much detail is given to the character despite the fact that he is confirmed as being the knight on the cover of the game. However, it appears there were plans to make him a more fleshed out character with his own series of quests for the player to complete. This is connected to the dialogue scrapped from the character Gostoc. Met outside of Stormveil Castle, the character was originally designed to describe a warrior who entered the castle first, referring to Vyke.


Created by FromSoftware, Elden Ring shares many similarities with the Soulsborne series. Vyke is proof of this in his role as an invader. As players explore the world, there will be moments where dark figures with a red aura suddenly appear seeking to fight. Though players can flee, invaders can be very persistent with Vyke proving to be one of the strongest. As a boss, Vyke is faced in the Mountaintops Of Giants area. Armed with a spear, lightning magic, and the ability to heal, Vyke is a memorable and challenging encounter arranged to act as a duel.

The Elden Ring Vyke Questline isn't the first piece of cut content that Sekiro has found in the game, and it likely won't be the last. How many other quests and pieces of lore were removed from the game is still a mystery.

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