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Published: April 23, 2018 12:00 PM /


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During my time at EGX Rezzed, I was able to chat with James Clements, the PR/Marketing whizz for Excalibur Games. The purpose of our talk? To discuss the upcoming indie game Flashing Lights!

Flashing Lights is a multiplayer focused emergency service simulator, allowing players to take control and work together as three distinct emergency service departments: the police, emergency medical specialists, or the fire department.

Upon starting the demo, I had decided to begin my short lived career as an officer of the law. As I spawned into existence, I was almost immediately tasked with bringing a criminal into justice. So I buckled up and hit the road.

As I cruised through the city that lay before me, I kept my eyes peeled for any dodgy behavior that might be occurring on the mean streets of ... Well, I didn't quite know where I was.

But alas, I'm here to catch a criminal and that's exactly what I did. After driving through the town for a few short minutes, I eventually came across my suspect: Timmy Stevens.

A high speed chase ensued and one too many crashes later, Timmy had given up and was now ready to be apprehended! Thanks Timmy. As he left his car, I was quick to spring into action and cuff the fella. Most action in Flashing Lights is completed through a small prompt menu that appears in-game. Allowing the player to make use of different actions such as frisking a suspect, cuffing them and more (this of course changes depending on what emergency service and items you have on your person).

After having safely secured Timmy in the back of my police cruiser, I was then tasked with bringing him to police station headquarters for processing.

Finding Timmy, bringing him down and booking him in was quite the adventure and proved to be fairly difficult during the initial chase as he would swerve from road to road and carelessly crash into other drivers as I chased him down. I can only describe this game as plain old fun.

Although the multiplayer portion was lacking during the demo, I still enjoyed my solo experience with Flashing Lights and can only imagine how much fun it would be with a few other mates to tag along in my adventures.

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