EGX Rezzed 2016 - Postal Redux Interview With Jon Merchant

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EGX Rezzed 2016 is currently taking place and with that, a whole slew of great games to play and people to interview! Our very own Alexander Baldwin (Interviewer) and Jesse Gomez (Sexy camera man) had a chance to meet up and talk to Jon Merchant of Running With Scissors who is the project manager of said development team.

For those who didn't know (or can't watch the video), Postal Redux is the reboot of the violent isometric shooter that was released in 1997 for the PC. You'll find your self playing as the crazy and deadly "Postal Dude" and it's up to you to venture into the town of Paradise and put down all those who have been effected by the mind altering substance that is causing the population to become bloodthirsty murderers.

Players will be able to expect this HD remake to be very faithful to the original but also contain improved controls (similar to other twin-stick shooter control schemes), a whole new level, co-op mode and more so that Postal can be brought back into the hands of today's gamers.

It's clear that Postal Redux is a love letter to all fans of the series and the inclusion of a newly created mode titled "Rampage Mode" is even more appropriate for a game like this. Players will be able to rack up as many points as possible, using the most creative means possible to ensure total destruction towards all who stand in their way.

As Jon Merchant mentions in the interview, he states that the next game from Running With Scissors won't be part of the Postal series but a whole new IP instead and described it as "not going to be what anybody expects"! What does that involve? Well nothing concrete was mentioned as it is all hush-hush as of now and understandably so.

The development team is also interested in re-visiting Postal in the future and creating "the real Postal 3" as Jon describes it and hopes to "not repeat the mistakes of the past". He is of course referring to the reception that Postal 3 garnered after release and it's not so favorable reviews.

For more Postal related content and a full review once the game comes out, make sure to stick around.

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