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Published: June 14, 2020 2:15 PM /


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During the Guerrilla Collective Day 2 event, Troglobytes Games' Edo no Yami: Swords Sing Unseen was revealed in a new gameplay trailer.

It's a sidescrolling, sword-slashing fighting game with quite a dark undertone. Beats pulsate in the background as you double-jump across rooftops and pound through the ground into office buildings or sneak into air ducts.


Your character is blind and disgraced but is now also ready for some action. You're also all alone...except for a large, robotic dog companion. (Good boy!) 

Technology will play a key role in the game. In some ways, you will have to interact with data, and you'll need to use sensors as well (likely to do with the player character's disability). You'll fight robots - lots of robots - and have the gigantic, mechanical canine companion noted above. Edo no Yami: Swords Sing Unseen will be coming to PC and consoles. Details have not been revealed yet.

For a greater idea of how the sword-slashing action will play out, and for a look at that giant robot dog, check out the gameplay reveal trailer below:


Troglobytes Games has previously worked on HyperParasite. If you're unfamiliar with that game, it's a zany 80s-themed, rogue-lite twin-stick shooter where you play as an alien parasite who can possess humans. No robotic dog companion, though.

Quick Take

If you're into any kind of sidescrolling action, be they Metroidvanias or run-and-gun, this may be a title to add to your interested-list. As for me, I'm mostly intrigued by that large robotic dog character. I mean, come on - that's no ordinary game companion! I imagine having that thing on your side will make for some pretty dramatic last-second saves in the midst of battle (about to die? Just use your robotic dog whistle).

What do you think of Edo no Yami? Into its action, or can you pass on brawling with robots? Whatever your take on it, feel free to let us know in the comments below!


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