Eastward is Traveling Out In 2020 And Coming to Nintendo Switch

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Eastward is Traveling Out In 2020 And Coming to Nintendo Switch

August 19, 2019

By: Don Parsons


During the Nintendo Indie World event this morning, Chucklefish and Pixpil gave some new information on their upcoming beautiful title Eastward. Originally announced in 2018 for PC and Mac, today's reveal gave us a release window for the game, or at least the Nintendo Switch iteration. Eastward switch version will release sometime in 2020, presumably either with or after the PC version.

What is Eastward?

Eastward is an Earthbound and 90s anime-inspired adventure RPG title that has you exploring a bright post-apocalyptic world as society is collapsing. When John discovers Sam deep undergound when working in the mines, the two take off on the journey of a lifetime, avoiding those who are trying to recapture Sam and seek to find the truth about her background. You can switch whether you're controlling John or Sam to solve puzzles and fight foes, while making use of a variety of weapons like a frying pan, a flamethrower and more. Like Earthbound there is a distinct tang of weirdness, especially as you explore the small towns you travel through on the cross-country train.



Quick Take

While I'd heard of Eastward, its appearance and general tone stood out today a lot more and I think it looks like a gorgeous game in general. Watching that trailer and seeing it there shows a mastery of pixel art that is rarely seen technique-wise that evokes the past and carries so much personality and detail in it. The music from Joel Corelitz is a standout hit too evoking nostalgia and traveling and the game itself looks like it plays pretty well. This is definitely a game I'm going to be keeping a close eye on!

What do you think of Eastward? Had you previously heard of it? Are you more likely to buy it on Switch or PC? Let us know in the comments below!

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