EA's Origin Adds Download Speed Management, Cross-Game Invites

Published: June 20, 2017 1:00 PM /



Electronic Art's online platform Origin is getting an upgrade today.

According to a post by EA, Origin will be adding new features to their service for players to enjoy, including download speed management, cross-game invites, and FPS rate monitoring.


The post noted that all three features were highly requested by their community, and the company is happy to implement them as a free update to the service. A short video was given to show how the download speed management can be toggled, simply by going to Application Settings → Download Restrictions.




For following frames per second, an independent monitor has been added that will display the current FPS on screen wherever they wish. Plays can disable the FPS counter if they choose to by clicking on Application Settings, → Origin in-game → During Gameplay in the Origin browser.

Finally, cross-party invites are now possible for most games on Origin, allowing players to join friends while playing separate games. To implement this feature, which is currently in Origin Beta, players need to enable enable the Origin Beta via Origin → Application Settings → Participate in Origin client betas. Players also need to make sure those who plan to use cross-invites are also part of the beta.

After receiving an invite from a friend, you need to simply accept the request and let the countdown finish. Then Origin will close your current game and launch the new game to party up with your friends. EA does note that this may not work for some games, such as Titanfall 2, due to it's unique launcher.


Origin is a digital distribution software launched by EA back in 2011, in direct competition with other similar software such as GOG and Steam. The service has had major updates in the past due to major criticism against the platform, most notably over Origin's invasion of privacy claims due to their EULA. Other decisions have been more positive, including the first digital distribution service to offer a refund policy  to it's user, including changing it's own client to fit into international laws. Origin is also a very successful platform for the company. Tied with EA Access, the two online services have seen an increase of 16% in subscriber numbers and over $104 million in net sales, according to the Q3 Report of 2016.

What are your thoughts on this update for Origin? Leave your comments below.

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