EA's Iron Man Just The Start Of Three Game Marvel Deal

Published: October 31, 2022 2:11 PM /


EA's Ironman Teaser header image, with ironman standing in s faint glow of light with his chest lit up

Today we learned that Electronic Arts and Marvel will be teaming up for a three-game deal, where the first to be announced on their list of projects is EA's Iron Man. 

Earlier this year, there were rumors circulating that EA had signed a licensing deal with Marvel that included several new superhero games in the works. In a recent report by Bloomberg, we learned that this deal is no longer a rumor, as it has been confirmed with a blog post by EA. In the post, Electronic Arts announced at least three new superhero-inspired action-adventure games have been confirmed, with their first project being Iron Man. They state that each of these games will be their own original stories that are set within the Marvel universe. 


In the blog post, The COO of EA, Laura Miele, went on to state,

"We have been long-time fans of Marvel and their impressive leadership, so this is a remarkable moment for our developers as well as our players and fans, We look forward to welcoming Marvel into the EA family of creators and know this collaboration will produce exceptional experiences for our players. We can’t wait to see players' reactions when they suit up as Iron Man and do the extraordinary things this Super Hero is known for."

Iron Man was first announced by EA back in September 2022, after talk of its development had been long rumored. With this new information, it now all ties together revealing some interesting information on the future of EA. Marvel encouraged EA to take the reins on this deal, and really let their creativity run wild in order to come up with something fresh and exciting for the players. Miele went on to state that this is a great way for EA to balance their portfolio, knowing full well that fans of Marvel may not play other EA games, but will thoroughly enjoy the new additions to their long list of games. 

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