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EA's FIFA Ultimate Team Debug Menu Was Widely Available Yesterday

March 18, 2021

By: Patrick Perrault


EA allowed FIFA Ultimate Team players to mess around with their debug tools yesterday, although players apparently couldn't do anything permanent to their own account or other player's accounts. How did this even happen anyway? According to Eurogamer, EA made a "mistake" while releasing the FUT web app. I mean, they're not wrong.

So what was it like having to pretend to have unlimited power? Well, there's a video on Reddit with a user blocking their transfer access. Apparently, users also tried to grant themselves players such as PIM Ronaldo, which didn't work. Basically, it looks like an unguided tour behind the scenes, although a scene that really should never have been allowed.


There are lots of kill switches that caught some attention, such as "PackOddsLowPercentageLocalizationThreshold" that EA says isn't being used anymore, which you can totally believe because EA has never tried to rip off their customers. When it was being used, it determined the threshold for when pack probabilities display a value as under 1%. There are some other kill switches such as "enablePlayerTraits" which seemingly allows EA to play around with the player traits of users. Very interesting and you have to wonder why that's even there to begin with. 

This isn't the first time EA has bungled something to do with FIFA 21. A week or so ago EAGate exploded onto the scene, where an EA employee was accused of selling untradable "Icon Moments" for a decent amount of change directly to players. It's starting to get a little embarrassing, honestly. 


Thanks, Eurogamer.

Quick Take

EA is clearly resting on their laurels in regards to FIFA 21, because they don't care or are so incompetent it may as well be the case anyway. This is one of the biggest publishers in the world and they're doing something like this? I would rhetorically ask if this is amateur hour, but it's EA so we already know the answer to that.


What do you think of this news? Did you mess around with the debug menus yesterday? Let us know in the comments!

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