Earn Your Beard In Top-Down Wizard Brawler MageQuit, Coming This Fall

Published: June 19, 2019 10:00 AM /



Wizards are renowned for two things: their magical prowess and their mighty facial hair. You'll have the chance to demonstrate mastery of both when top-down wizard brawler MageQuit leaves Steam Early Access this fall.

MageQuit pits up to ten players against one another in a bid for ultimate wizardly supremacy. Your wizard will have access to seven spells and mastery over the fundamental elements of the universe. By that, I mean it's a physics-based game. The goal is to defeat your opponents through a mixture of sorcerous cunning and magical skill. MageQuit offers the chance to find out if you have what it takes to grow the most magical beard of all time or if you'll simply be cursed with a face full of peach fuzz forevermore.

The rules are as follows. Each wizard in MageQuit begins by choosing new spells from a pool of thirty-five. Once you've chosen your spells, you're off to the field of battle. Defeating enemy wizards will cause them to drop d20s (yes, really). Harvesting your enemy's d20s will cause your beard to grow. The wizard with the longest beard at the battle's conclusion is the victor. As Merlin himself once said: a wizard's beard is his source of power. You can quote him on that.

Bowlcut's game will offer team-based and free-for-all multiplayer modes. Games consist of two teams, three teams, or an every-wizard-for-themselves scrap. Team games present unique opportunities for players. You can use your environment for unique kills like pushing enemies off cliffs or engaging in a good old-fashioned game of wizard hockey. There's a significant degree of skill in the physics-based combat of MageQuit. Dodging spells, aiming yours correctly, and predicting movement are all crucial skills for victory.

MageQuit is available right now via Steam Early Access. It'll launch in full for PC and Xbox One in Q3 this year.

Are you looking forward to out-bearding your friends in MageQuit? Let us know in the comments below!

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