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star wars jedi fallen order gameplay

Vince Zampella and Stig Asmussen took to the EA Play 2019 stage with Greg Miller from Kinda Funny Games. We first heard a recap of some of the things we already knew like the fact that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order takes place after Order 66 has been executed. They talked for a short while before we moved onto gameplay of Kashyyyk, a point that takes place about three hours into the game. The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay Demo then kicked off properly.

Our hero Cal was charged with a mission to take his lightsaber and go save the Wookiees while the remainder of the Rebel group worked to disable a tree sap refinery. (Yes, a tree sap refinery, of all things.) Cal ignited his lightsaber, walked down a short corridor, and used a force push to breach a door. He ran through some wooded areas before encountering a couple of Stormtroopers and defeating them by deflecting blaster bolts with his lightsaber.


Once the bunker was breached, Cal had to take out a few more Stormtroopers and then fight a dude with a double-ended energy lance. He won (of course) and a rebel helped open up a door that was blocking his path. He moved along through some piping before some Flame Beetles came in through the walls and began exploding right in front of more enemy Stormtroopers. Cal then dropped down and took out a couple more Stormtroopers by himself using his lightsaber, one of whom was equipped with a nasty flamethrower.

The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay Demo then took us outside where a bunch of bugs were engaged in a tense fight with Stormtroopers. Cal dropped down into the wilderness and had to fight some of the bugs himself with his lightsaber.

Cal continued to move through an underground area before he came upon a couple more Stormtroopers and another soldier with an electrified lance. The player fought all three of them at the same time, although the guy wielding the lance seemed to freeze up a bit. After a bit more exploration, a KX-series security droid popped up behind Cal and punched him in the face. That marked the conclusion of the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay Demo.

Of course, one of the things we care about when playing as a Jedi is the force powers available to us. The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay Demo showed off double-jumping, saber-tossing, and force-pushing. A brand-new power will allow players to slow down time, and lastly (but not leastly), players will be able to run along walls. (After all, it is a game from Respawn Entertainment!)

You can watch the full Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay Demo for yourself belowStar Wars Jedi Fallen Order releases on November 15, 2019.


If you want to know more about this and other announcements happening at E3 then be sure to check out our E3 2019 Coverage Hub.



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