EA Play 2019 - Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Detailed Including Mermaids

Published: June 8, 2019 4:19 PM /


sims 4 island living

For the first Sims 4 announcement for EA Play the new Island Living expansion was revealed. While this was leaked on Origin earlier today a lot more details were revealed at the official event. Lyndsey Pearson and Michael Duke were on stage to talk about all that fans can look forward to.

A trailer was shown for Sims 4 Island Living showing a little bit of everything that players can look forward to in this new expansion. There will be land and beach activities for the sims including suntanning, heading into the water, and even sandcastle building for the little Sims. Different fashion choices were also detailed including brighter colors, new patterns, and even tribal tattoos. The trailer even capped off with your Sim getting turned into a mermaid, this is a new type of character that you can create. The Mermaids will have their own level of customization and through exploration, you'll find out other patterns that they can have.


Sims has been to a lot of places but this will be the first time that land and water are so closely combined. It's not a process of sim moving from all land or all water now as they can walk right down the beach into the water. In the water, Sims can swim, snorkel and Jetski as well as befriend a variety of aquatic creatures including Dolphins.

Keeping relevant with #trashtag your Sim will also be able to get a career as a conservationist. This means you'll not only be able to research what you can do to help the island but also clean up the beaches. This process will affect the landscape as well, a clean beach will mean more visitors and more butterflies. Players can also get jobs as diving instructors, lifeguards and more. You can choose a place for your Sim to live either on the beach or up towards the active volcano, but be sure to avoid hazards. Your sim will be able to visit parties, indulge in the island culture, and even interact with the different elemental spirits that live around the island.

For those who are interested in the kinds of buildings, you can create new features like houses over water and deck chairs are just some of the additions to the expansions the people can be looking forward to in Sims 4 Island Living. This expansion will be releasing for PC and Mac via Origin on June 21st.

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