EA Play 2019 - Madden 20 New Mechanics Detailed: Pumpfakes, Pulldowns, and More

Published: June 8, 2019 3:59 PM /


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Some Madden 20 new mechanics have been detailed at EA Play 2019. Most of the new mechanics that were detailed today are centered around the quarterback. (For the non-sportsy folks out there, that's the guy who throws the ball to the other dudes.) These new mechanics should bring players more dynamic options for making the snap decisions that have to be made before some 350-pound guy named Sledgehammer turns you into a human-shaped pancake.

A new scramble mechanic or pulldown mechanic is one of the first additions being brought to Madden 20. Essentially, it will let you cancel tossing the ball to a receiver and run the ball yourself, now with all the options open to a normal runner. You can also double-tap the pass button to do a "pumpfake" to a particular receiver. You'll start to toss the ball, but pull back and get a chance to aim again. Just like a real quarterback, you can either stop a pass midway through and/or deliberately fake out the opposition using a pumpfake with the new depth added to pump fakes.

The run-pass option (RPO) is also making its way into the game as one of the Madden 20 new mechanics. Essentially, an RPO play can be very confusing for the defense as they can't be sure whether the ball is going to be thrown or run. There will be 3 versions of it with alerts, peeks, and reads. There are more than 200 RPO plays in the Madden 20 playbook. What's more, the playbooks are going to be updated throughout the season to keep pace with the actual NFL.

You can see all of the Madden 20 new mechanics in action with the full livestream below.


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