EA Play 2019 - FIFA 20 Highlights New Football Intelligence and Community Feedback

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EA Play 2019 - FIFA 20 Highlights New Football Intelligence and Community Feedback

June 8, 2019

By: Andrew Stretch

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To talk about some of the changes that EA is using to shape up a more authentic FIFA experience in FIFA 20 Sam Rivera, the Lead Producer was interviewed. To start off the conversation Rivera made sure to highlight the importance of the conversation between the community and the developers so that they make sure that they're not only making a realistic game but one that people want to play.

During the development process, FIFA 20 developers spoke with over 3000 players. They made sure to talk to both new players and returning FIFA veterans. They used this as an opportunity to see what worked, what didn't work, and what the community would like to see going forward. Some of these talks were used to improve the Defence AI the other innovations going forward. What the FIFA developers came up with from this research was Football Intelligence. They broke this up into three different categories; On the ball, off the ball, and the ball.

On the ball is for player-driven moments and the ball is in regards to the new ball physics. Going more in-depth to the "Off the ball" moments it was explained that this is what your AI is doing while you're dribbling the ball. This new game flow will give the player more space as defenders move around the field not only creating a more realistic view of the game but that you can set yourself up for better opportunities. This will allow players to engage in their own one-on-ones more and not have to worry about what their support is doing.

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