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Madden 20 opened with a look at the Face of the Franchise mode and some other new features to the game.

Originally revealed earlier this year, Face of the Franchise mode, with community manager Israel Cruz detailing the primary features. According to Cruz, Face of the Franchise is designed to be a massive simulation of an NFL career, starting with the drama that follows the player's college career through the NFL draft, then finally in an NFL franchise.

The mode itself will see a customized character in the role of a college football quarterback, with EA heavily emphasizing the player as the primary protagonist by employing "face editing" to get an improved likeness. Players then pick their college and play in a national championship game during the college football playoffs, followed by the football combine, which will get players set up for the NFL draft.

No matter where you get drafted – from first round to last – once a team picks you, you’re going to have to show you belong playing with the pros. Whether you’re a first-rounder who needs to prove you were the perfect high pick, or a seventh-rounder busting your ass to make the roster, if you want success you have to work hard and make each opportunity count.

The rest of the Face of the Franchise mode follows the standard Franchise mode Madden is known for, but with some major changes. Part of that is adding a new "scenario engine" to that creates random playable scenarios, events and dynamic challenges for you to face in your NFL career. Other RPG elements are also making a return, such as player's archetype, like Strong Arm, Scrambler, Field General or Improviser. Players also can level up their archetype and unlock special abilities, named superstar abilities.

Along with Face of the Franchise, the Cruz also noted that older features, such as the Pro Bowl, will be making a return this year, along with the Coach Mode. Development traits system also got an overhaul, in particular, the addition of Superstar and Superstar X Factor abilities.

Superstar X-Factors were another major addition to the game. Superstar X Factors gives well-known players "superstar abilities." According to Cruz, these abilities can give players additional tools to help improve their run, pass or zone abilities, from more running back routes, with the players now closer to their real-life counterparts. Superstar X-Factors are also the only way to acquire these zone abilities. When an objective is achieved, superstars enter the "zone," giving them access to special abilities in-game.

It should be noted that Superstar X-Factors are designed to be behaviors over a ratings boost. The idea behind them is to make characters feel more realistic and dynamic for players, mimicking their behavior in real life. A total of fifty superstars will have X factor abilities, including Madden 20 cover boy Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs.

All of these features will release with Madden 20, which will be available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 20th.

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