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EA Play 2019 - Apex Legends Season 2 Adds New LMG, L-STAR

June 8, 2019

By: Kyle Johnson

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As announced at EA Play 2019, Respawn is bringing Titanfall 2's L-STAR plasma energy LMG over to Apex Legends for Season 2. The L-STAR will only be available in care packages, and will not have any refillable ammo, much like the powerful Kraber sniper rifle. In Titanfall 2, the L-STAR had unlimited ammo with an overheat mechanic, but it's unclear if the Apex Legends variant will follow a similar pattern. Additionally, the L-STAR will be able to shoot open doors, much like grenades and melee attacks can do now. There was no mention of L-STAR specific mods (or "hop-ups," as they're known in-game), but this doesn't mean that such mods won't come later. You can start encountering the L-STAR in Apex Legends Season 2 when it launches on July 2nd.

The L-STAR is not the first new gun to get added to Apex Legends' arsenal. Back in February, an entirely new gun to the Titanfall universe, the HAVOC energy rifle, made its appearance after getting announced on Twitter just one day prior. Both the HAVOC and the L-STAR were datamined out of Apex Legends before either was confirmed to come to the game. Datamining out upcoming updates for Apex Legends was so prevalent that Respawn themselves eventually stepped in and warned the community against trusting supposed leaks, largely because data left over might not be representative of the current development process.


Still, more guns and content for their surprise battle royale is much appreciated. There's no telling if more guns from Titanfall 2 might make the leap over into the Apex sphere, but considering the variety and creativity of the weaponry, there's plenty of inspiration to draw from. You can start finding the L-STAR in care packages when Apex Legends' second season kicks off next month.

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