EA Play 2019 - Apex Legends 10th Legend Wattson Announced

Published: June 8, 2019 2:35 PM /


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The Apex Legends showcase revealed the 10th legend to be added to the game, the scientist and electrical powered Wattson.

Dubbed "the smartest woman in the frontier" by her father,  Natalie "Wattson" Paquette was designed by game designer Griffin Dean, who wanted to bring a brand new character who will be able to survive "the overly aggressive, third party meta" well. Wattson is tailor-made to be a tactical, defensive character (literally nicknamed the Static Defender) that provides a brand new approach against the likes of characters such as Wraith and Lifeline.

Her abilities are designed to reflect this. Her tactical ability, perimeter security, sees her use 'fences' of up to twelve electrical pylons that can be placed down anywhere they want in the arena. Enemies who also cross these fences are not only damaged and slowed, but they also ping the players entire squad, giving Wattson and her teammates total awareness of your enemies positions.

Her ultimate is the interception pylon, which charges the teams shield and supercharges her tactical, which allows you to place down more fences quickly. The pylons also act as defensive bulwark against incoming attacks so long as its standing. Finally, you have her passive ability, spark of genius, which allows her to fully charge her ultimate ability faster when standing next to a pylon. This also boosts her perimeter security ability at the same time, making her faster and more efficient in laying down electrical fields.

Visually, the character was designed by senior artist Will Cho, who revealed that the design process involved giving Wattson a design a unique look with an electricity motif. Much of her design, from the use of rubber to the tesla coils, are purposefully added and designed by the concept artists to give her a unique flavor along with the rest of the cast.

Wattson is also unique due to her backstory. It is revealed that Wattson and her father were involved with the invention of the battle ring, with Wattson growing up in the ring. Unlike the other legends, Wattson is not a mercenary or soldier, but instead a scientist which sets her apart from the rest of the cast.

Players can start playing with Wattson during Apex Legends Season 2, which will be available this July.

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