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Today marks the start of the first real day of Gamescom 2015, Europes largest gaming convention, and after Microsoft takes off on their normal early mark it's EA's turn to take their spotlight and show off some of what they're working on. EA's confernce starts off with the usual conference pre-roll featuring games such as FIFA, Need for Speed, Mirrors Edge 2, Battlefront and more of their highly anticipated line up. To start the show Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, thanks all those who are present and watching as well as details all of the playable game demos that are playable at the event.


The first game that they are going to focus on though is Need for Speed as Wilson passes off the stage to Marcus Nilsson. A trailer is shown for the game talking with members of Team icon the group of drivers, racers and designers that you will be trying to impress in Need for Speed, they each talk about why they love cars and what they each focus on. Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw are the five different paths that you can choose throughout Need for Speed and you'll need to master them all to become and icon yourself. To change and push the game as much as possible EA is also adding seamless combination between computer graphics and real life as your ride will appear alongside the real life cut scenes so that you can focus on the world from your perspective like never before. You will get objectives for each of the five different routes to impress the different icons to become recognized as an icon yourself. Need For Speed will be released this November and with that Nilsson left the stage but not before showing off a brand new trailer for Need for Speed.


Sara Jansson is up next to show off Mirrors Edge Catalyst she begins by explaining how Catalyst will improve how immersed in the world you will be through realistic physics and your perspective. For Faith it isn't about combat and how many guns but how you use the environment to overcome your opponents. Catalyst starts while Faith is still a new runner who is reckless and through out the story you will see how she develops. A trailer is shown where we see how open the world is and how Faith will use all of her skills to navigate through it, from what can be seen the world is already much larger and busier than that of the first Mirror's Edge game. Once she gets spotted we get a show of not only how Faith can use her skills to traverse the world but also how they can seamlessly flow into combat as she takes out troopers.


Star Wars: The Old Republic James Ohlen takes to the stage to announce a new expansion called Knights of the Fallen Empire. In this expansions you get to play as the Outlander and will get the first 9 chapters of episodic content that will continue on further after the launch of the game. This expansions will allow new and old player to start the adventure so don't be afraid to hop in if you're new and when it releases on October 27th all current subscribers will get access to it for free, if you become a subscriber during Gamescom you will get a gunslinger character to aid you in Knights of the Fallen Empire.


The next game that is shown is for the Sims 4 and Rachel Franklin is here to talk about how the Sims world is all about how you want your Sims to be. She goes through the history of the Sims 4 upgrades and expansions over the past year since the launch of the game. Sims 4 :Get Together expansion pack will be released later this year in November allowing you to travel to Windenberg a European town for your Sims and their friends to explore. From here the party starts... literally, as a dance crew comes out to party like we saw the characters partying in the Get Together trailer.


Once all the dancing is over Jeremy Vanhoozer gets up to talk about Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 reminding us this sequel is about fighting back against the zombies who have now taken over. After reintroducing the three new Zombies that were shown off at E3 he talks about Rose, a time sorceresses, Colonel Corn with his cob busters and Citron, a bounty hunter orange sent back in time to take on the zombie menace. All game modes in PVZ: Garden Warfare 2 will also have offline modes as well as couch co-op modes so that you can play with your friend without the hassle of finding a game. Vanhoozer then talks about backyard battleground the hub world of sorts where you can explore, take on quests, and head into any of the different game modes. In this hub you can also invite three of your friends to party up before you even head out to take on the zombie menace. Not even Mass Effect is safe from the spoofing with the announcement of Grass Effect, this is a new Z7 mech that will be introduced into the game as a preorder bonus. This game will be released Spring 2016 and we even get to see some game play of a battle in space as Vanhoozer leaves the stage.


Patrick Soderlund is up next talking about what he believes goes into making a game and what he knows has gone into the games that they are showing today. A collection of videos and images are shown of some of the projects that are currently being worked on, and might not even appear. One game that people are excited for though is Unravel as Martin Sahlin and Yarny approach the stage, greeted with applause of course. We are then treated to pre-alpha live game play of Yarny in action, we get to see him collecting yarn while climbing through the world while also being careful not to get caught in the water, while also pushing players to use Yarny's skills to the utmost to progress through this beautiful world Unravel will release for PS4, Xbox one and PC but no date or window has been announced yet.


With much anticipation Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir, Senior Producer at DICE, is up next to talk about something everyone has been looking forward to, Star Wars: Battlefront. We get to see a variety of screens from the game and hear about all of the different scenarios you can get in while also getting to play as important characters from the world of Star Wars. We are then introduced to Fighter Squadron, a new multiplayer dog fighting mode where you can play in 20 person battles that are meant to bring just as much excitement as the fights of the movies, you can even control the Millenium Falcon if you want to. As well as human players there will also be 20 more AI controlled fighters in the battle as well. Solust, a new previously unexplored planet, will be debuted in Battlefront with permissions from the Lucas foundation. New modes, map and characters are still yet to be revealed before the November release of this game.

Following after Battlefront David Rutter takes the stage to talk about FIFA 16 to talk to us about the FUT draft. This mode allows you to create your own draft team taking into account players and their relationships with one another. All of the rewards you earn in Ultimate team will also carry over to FUT so no matter what you're playing you're getting bonuses everywhere in game. The game will suggest 5 different players for each position in FUT draft and you can build on who is best based on their stats or who works best together based on what country or club they're from. Pre-season tournaments, where you grow a budget through matches for your club, and player training, where you can level up your characters through practicing drills, are going to be added to the game as well. With 9 stadiums to play in, new weather conditions, over 900 new crowd chants and new player animations and skills being added this makes FIFA 16 the best FIFA game yet.

What announcement are you most excited about? Which of the games can't you wait for? and who is your favorite developer and why is it Martin Sahlin?

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