EA Extends Star Wars Battlefront Beta Until Tuesday

Published: October 12, 2015 6:21 AM /



Good news for everyone who didn't have the time to play the Star Wars Battlefront public beta this weekend. EA is extending the beta by 1 day, making it available to all until Tuesday. In a blog post on the official Battlefront website, EA states that they want to conduct more tests for their server infrastructure to ensure that the game is in the best shape possible when they release the retail version in a little over a month. Players should still expect to run into some trouble while playing the game, such as losing connection to the server or being booted from a game. But that's a risk most people are willing to take!

The beta started last Friday and the game got an overwhelming amount of feedback (positive as well as negative), with players praising DICE's approach to sound design and graphical fidelity and the character animations, as well as criticizing balance issues on the Hoth Walker Assault game mode and the perceived lack of complexity. None of that seems to really matter to most of the people playing the game at the moment. The overwhelming prevailing opinion seems to be that the game's nostalgia factor is more than enough for most people to keep playing. 



Quick Take

It's great they're extending the beta. I personally had a great time , an experience that got augmented by playing the game on my PS4 with the system hooked up to a 5.1 surround system. I do agree with the people saying that the Hoth map is extremely unbalanced in favor of the Empire, but none of that really matters because the game looks and feels like the movies the game is derived from. Maybe it's not a day 1 buy for me, but it's definitely a game I'll be following to see how it progresses post launch. 

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