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Published: June 9, 2018 4:55 PM /


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E3 is finally here, today in LA from EA Play the company showed off all that they have planned for the future. This includes titles that we know about like Battlefield V and Anthem but also had plenty of new titles to show us. We've got a full recap listed below with links to each of the individual articles offering a bit more information on the titles.

battlefield v e3 2018

Beginning the show Battlefield V multiplayer was shown off. Added features include the ability to move artillery around on the battlefield, destructible environments, and more. In the single-player, you will enjoy War Stories, these will allow you to follow the heroic events of the men and women that helped shape the world. More on this will be revealed at the Xbox conference tomorrow. The game will also have no loot boxes and no premium passes but will have a Battle Royale game mode after launch. After all of the announcements, new trailers were shown of gameplay and Nordlys War Story.

FIFA took to the pitch showing a new in-engine trailer highlighting different weather conditions and more. FIFA 19 will add the UEFA Championship League allowing all kinds of new matchups where "champions will rise." The Journey and Ultimate Team modes will be returning, but information on that will come out later this year. Fifa 18 will also be getting a World Cup update today. For a limited time, FIFA 18 complete will also be available for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin on PC as a way to make sure that everyone can get involved in the action.

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Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, took the stage next to announce EAs continued involvement to Cloud Gaming. This will mean that players will be able to enjoy EA games streamed to their laptops, mobile devices and more. Origin Access Premier was next announced, a service where all new PC games like Madden 19, FIFA 19, and Anthem will be playable at launch, the Vault will also be available. This service will release later this year.

Vince Zampella from Respawn, after teasing a game announcement yesterday, announced the name for the unannounced Star Wars title Jedi: Fallen Order. It will take place during the times that Jedi were being hunted between Episodes III and IV. At the moment the current aim for Jedi: Fallen Order is to release Holiday 2019. Dennis Brannvall, the Design Director of Battlefront II, continued the Star Wars trend talking about the pitfalls their game had at launch as well as what they're doing to turn the situation around. They have changed up the progress, added some customization options, and a hunt mode. At the moment Solo content will continue with the extraction game type. This year Battlefront II will also be delving into the Clone Wars with characters such as General Grievous, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Dooku.

unravel two ea play 2018

Following from that we see the return of Yarny and his new friend made out of blue yarn. Unravel Two will be playable alone or in co-op but there are always two characters sharing yarn. This game is friendlier and more challenging than the original title. When playing alone you can combine the two Yarn characters, this can help you get through the more complicated segments of the game. When problem-solving you can split up and work with your Yarny to find the solution to any problem. Live gameplay was then shown allowing the audience to see what the plan was. After a wholesome message to the team back home a full trailer is shown for Unravel Two. As a final surprise Unravel Two is available to play right now.

Soderland spoke next about the EA Originals category taking note to point our Josef from A Way Out. The next EA Originals titles will be Sea of Solitude, or SoS, from Jo-Mei games, a development company from Berlin. In SoS the developers tried to show how people deal with loneliness as well as how those around them. You can play the game in a surface level capacity, or get a lot deeper into the emotions of the game. SoS is about a young woman called Kay who is so alone that the darkness within her turns to her outside, it's about finding out why this happened and how to turn her back into a human. This title will be out Early 2019.

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After an emotional journey, we return to the changing room, this time to get into our basketball shorts. NBA Live will be available September 7th. Madden 18 was up next as the current champion takes to the stage talking about how he got where he is. After talking about the belt we get to see the Madden 19 trailer. Notably, Madden 19 will mark the series first return to PC in a decade.

After Madden, we are shown a live round of new RTS mobile game Command and Conquer: Rivals. In this game, you need to accumulate resources over time to create and deploy new units. With simple controls, we see the two players both coordinating their troops. The aim of the same type shown is a mix of controlling the different points on the map as well as whittling down the health of your opponents base by launching missiles. Pre-Alpha on Android is available starting today.

command and conquer rivals

Wilson took to the stage again to thank those at EA as well hoping that players get to choose when, what, where, and how they play. EA players participating in Play To Give this year participated in 9 in-game challenges and because of their support EA donated over $1.1m to charities that share their vision of an inclusive gaming future.

anthem ea 2018

To round out the show Anthem, one of E3 2017's hottest titles, got a new story trailer. In this we hear about the state of the world and that there's something wanting to destroy what's left of humanity. This trailer also shows off some weapons and the different kinds of suits we might expect to see in the full release. Kasey Husdon, Mark Darrah, and Cathleen Rootstart from Bioware took to the stage to talk about the game in a more traditional panel. You can read more about that here.

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