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After talking about competitive sports we got a trailer for the next entry in the FIFA series, unsurprisingly called FIFA 18.

They opened up with a trailer that showed off some fantastic graphics and animations, along with gameplay of various people playing soccer (or football if you're not in America).


Then the "Men in Blazers" showed up, the hosts of a sports show. The two showed off details of the various players and how their personalities come through in the gameplay and graphics, along with showing how they are doing their mocaps with actual soccer players.

Following that they brought up The Journey from FIFA 17, the game's story mode. Overall players have scored 360m as The Journey's main character Alex Hunter. Following this they played a trailer for FIFA 18's story mode titled The Journey: Hunter Returns, a sequel that will continue to follow Alex Hunter. The trailer deals with rumors that Hunter will be getting transferred while showing a bunch of people talking about him, but doesn't show much more than that. Some later released details do note that an important role will be given to soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo (who is also on the cover of FIFA 18) and a "star-studded cast".


Not much else was mentioned, notably the trailer for The Journey doesn't mention the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA. If that version will have The Journey is still unknown, but players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC have the story to look forward to.

After the conference EA launched a website to give more details about the game. The game will feature new movement and finishing animations which will give you new options in how to play and control the ball. There's also a new Real Player Motion Technology which gives a more precise capture of each player's personalities and little flourishes to help really draw you into the game. The new Team Styles system is there to help make teams behave more like they actually do, while giving you more time to figure out tactics. The game's stadiums have also received improvement, with the goal being to make them as authentic as possible. EA is also teasing a new system called Fut Icons, but they haven't released many details about it yet.

Fifa 18 Ronaldo

Some details have also been released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of FIFA 18, which will be the FIFA 18 Legacy Edition. This version of the game will not be getting the new content or updates that the other versions will. Instead it's simply going to be a roster update and little else. EA provided more answers on that on their website.

FIFA 18 launches September 26th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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