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E3 2016 started well before the opening press showing by Electronic Arts. Leaks and pre-show reveals hit the internet like a storm, leaving only a scarce few proper reveals to be had on the show stage. Here's everything you need to know from the EA E3 presentation.


Titanfall 2 Titan Live

Starting nine minutes late, the conference began with a soft clap as Andrew Wilson took the stage. "We get it," says Wilson, inviting gamers in "to play" at e3 2016. Wilson welcomed Peter Moore, CCO, via a live stream in London, before taking a look into Star Wars, Mass Effect, EA sports, Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.

Wilson announced after the stream EA would live stream the first ever 64 player Battlefield 1 multiplayer match for a full hour.


"We all play to live." says Wilson, as he brought Vince Zampella onto the stage to talk about Titanfall 2.

"We are excited to welcome PS4 players to the franchise for the first time." Zampella said as frantic gameplay of Titanfall 2 played.

Six new titans, expanded pilot gameplay, a deep progression system and more will be features in Titanfall 2.


Titanfall 2 Image Leak

"For the six people that didn't see the leak this morning," joked Zampella, "I'm excited to announce single player for Titanfall 2." Following this, Titanfall 2's single-player campaign trailer played, featuring alien monsters, wall running, pilot throwing and sword combat. More on the Titanfall 2 presentation can be found here.


Madden NFl 2017 footage came next with Peter Moore taking the stage in London. "This year Madden let's you take the team all the way with the most balanced gameplay to date." says Moore.

EA announced  a new approach to competitive gaming. New competitive modes and weekly online contests. "I am excited to announce" Moore says, "Challenger Events, Premier Events, and EA Major Events." New ways to play Madden in a more E-sports fashion.

Madden NFL 17

Madden NFL Championship series will have $1 million in prize money. A full year of "high stakes action." More news about these events will come soon. For some greater insight, we have a detailed recap here. Moore then tossed the presentation to Bioware's Aaron Flynn to talk about Mass Effect: Andromeda.

"Everything is new. New planets, new species." says Flynn. "This is a whole new adventure." For the first time, the game is entirely powered by Frostbite. Bioware then showed a behind the scenes look at the game. The showing gave sparse few details, but brought new footage and brilliant visuals. For a better look at Mass Effect: Andromeda, check out our in-depth look.


Wilson stepped back on stage to reaffirm EA's commitment to "support the community." EA Play will feature it's largest collection of content updates ever. In addition, a new initiative "Play to Give" is EA's way of bringing in-game challenges with charitable donations. In various games such as Star Wars Battlefront and Madden, special challenges will appear based on the objectives of charitable organizations, and EA will donate $1 million dollars at the end of the event.

Fifa 17: The Journey kicked off with a story trailer following a new player to professional soccer. Moore calls the game "a brand new experience." For the first time ever, premier league managers will be in the game. Jose Marino stepped on stage, and Moore announced he would be in the game as one of these managers. A painfully awkward conversation between Moore and Marino ensued, as the two, talked about Marino's son and the managers that were left out. The two shook hands as Marino departed, and Moore introduced Fifa producer AAron McHardy.


"We're bringing complete innovation to the game this year. "says McHardy.  A player focused trailer started highlighting the new innovations. New attack animations, overhauled physical play, and more."

Patrick Soderlund then took the stage to talk about Unraveled, and what the team learned from it. "We are committed to working with small developers. Today we are excited to announce EA Originals." It focuses in unique first time experiences, supporting developers, and funding and offering a level of security. "With EA Originals," says Soderlund, "we want all profit to go into the hands of these developers." He then introduced the first game for EA Originals, Fe.

Fe is a personal narrative about our relationship with nature. Our longing to be with the world around us. "Every animal, even the plants, they all have their own unique song." Players can learn these songs, and bring themselves closer to understanding themselves. "The silent ones", the game's antagonists, will move through the forest, destroying these songs.  A violet-hued trailer then introduced the 3d platforming and song based game play, showing the moment to moment gameplay, and avoiding the silent ones. For more information on EA Originals as well as Fe, take a look here.


As the delicate trailer ended, the hall was filled with the triumphant theme of Star Wars. With a summary of EA's multiple Star Wars games currently out, EA then showed the various studios working on Star Wars related titles. Visceral will be creating a new game, with new characters as well. Respawn will also be creating a 3rd person action adventure title. A "peak behind the curtain" trailer showed early in-game footage from Vicseral's new game, as well as concept art and gameplay from studios all around the world, from Sweden to California, and the varied Star Wars titles EA has produced. Click here to see more!

Battlefield 1 brought up the tail end of the presentation. Patrick Back, general manager at Dice, took the stage, saying "we want the community to be apart of this every step of the way." Gameplay from "players" Jamie Foxx and Zac Effron will be a part of the gameplay livestream that started immediately following the conference. "No battle is ever the same. Destructive environments, dynamic weather, and a variety of weapons and vehicles will be in the game, included "behemoth vehicles" like an airship or armored train. The open beta will come this summer. The conference ended by showing the gameplay of Battlefield 1 with said dynamic weather, airships, and more. To get a better look at the game, we've got you covered.

Battlefield 1 header zepplins

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