EA E3 2015 - Unravel

June 15, 2015 5:11 PM

By: Andrew Stretch


The first of the new IP's that EA planned to announce was shown off today at their press conference. Martin Sahlin, creative director of Unravel, introduced Yarny to the world as he prepares to explain his game. Unravel is a platformer where as Yarny and travel through each of the levels while you are slowly unraveling. The point of this game is exploration where you can tie up all of the pieces on the level. You can use physics throughout the game to try to solve puzzles through means such as using your yarn as a swing or get through a know of threads.

Through the trailer we get to see the variety of different uses of this yarn as well as the multitude of crazy environments that Yarny will end up in through the game. No release date is announced for Unravel.

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