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EA E3 2015 - Mirror's Edge Catalyst

June 15, 2015 6:05 PM

By: Luigi Savinelli


EA showed us on the stage of E3 the first look on Mirror's Edge Catalyst, the prequel to Mirror's Edge, the acclaimed first person parkour game where freedom fighters fight in a world where freedom is not actually free and people gave away privacy in a world overturned by corporations while keeping resources and information on the move while carrying them roof to roof.





We'll experience the story of faith and the circumstances that brought her to fight for freedom

The game promises a true roaming experience in this open world , with no loading times and free exploration with in depth combat system.



The game will release February 3 2016.

Experience the rise of Faith and join her fight for freedom, with fluid movement and combat in first person that will raise the bar for the action/adventure genre.
We'll keep you informed with new details as soon as they come

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