EA E3 2015 - Madden 16

Gaming article by Andrew Stretch on Monday, June 15, 2015 - 18:18
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Madden gets brought back to the spotlight with the introduction of Draft Champions. A mode where you get to draft your own fantasy teams that works similarly to the mobile fantasy football experience. This Draft Champions mode is a multi-round draft that is designed to be fast paced. From there then instead of watching the game be played you can take control of your team and give them all of the plays. You can also take your fantasy team online and see how they line up against other teams.

Quarter backs have a variety of new throws, the receivers now have new catch types and the defenders also have new ways to play the receiver to tackle or even make a well timed hit to get the receiver out of the way. You are also able to not only take to the field but set and create your own plays.

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