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The new FIFA game, FIFA 16, will be the "most balanced FIFA yet." This year there will be better defensive shape, more options at the midfield, better skills and dribbling when going to score, no touch dribbling for attacking. FIFA Trainer gives you options on your players as you play to help improve your game. Women's teams will be featured for the first time.

FIFA 16 is looking to improve the AI and how it reacts to the player. Defensively they have added more animations that allow the players to react better and faster to attackers, and make tackles easier to recover from. The defense also has smarter AI to play smarter and differently depending on where an attack is coming from. They are also adding more types of tackles to give the defense more options, such as a fake tackle to force the offense to make a move and you'll still be ready. Goal Keepers are also getting an upgrade, they won't make as many random mistakes as they have in the past, and they will be able to track the ball from further away to cut down on players taking pot shots from far out to catch the goalie off guard. All players will have better ball awareness allowing them to intercept the ball more easily.

Women's teams in FIFA for the first time.
Women's teams in FIFA for the first time.

A new mechanic for use at the midfield is a new type of pass, hold R1 or RB and you'll use a pass with more power to make a direct pass to cut through the defense. FIFA 16 will also increase the variations on how players run at a through pass and how they can score off of it when the do. Most improvements to FIFA 16 have to do with adding more variety to your options, including shooting, shooting on a ball in the air has been given some love and scoring from the air will have more variety.

FIFA Trainer is a great addition for new players, it puts on screen suggestions for what your options are while controlling your player. It allows new players to learn as they play and not be thrown to the wolves before they have any idea what they are doing.


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