EA Anti Cheat for PC Explained and Why It Is Crucial

Published: September 13, 2022 3:10 PM /


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There have been several questions circulating in regards to the need for Anti-Cheat services, especially ones that tend to make modding obsolete. EA has decided to take a deep dive into why their EA Anti Cheat for PC is vital to both fair gameplay, as well as fun gameplay, and keeping those who wish to cheat at bay. 

Keeping the players safe is EA's first priority, and with the Anti-Cheat software, this is made possible. EA also created a charter that goes further in depth as to how their games should be played, which mostly just includes topics such as being kind and respectful to others, keeping the content as PG as possible, and of course keeping this fair in terms of gameplay. This new kernel-level anti-cheat software will be implemented with the launch of FIFA 23 on PC, and there are several interesting features EA mentions. 

As very tech-involved and savvy gamers themselves, EA knows how easily players can find ways of cheating and exposing flaws within the game to turn the tides in their favor. With most of the cheats being used on the kernel level, EA decided the only way to combat this properly would be to make kernel-level anti-cheat software. They do go on to specify that this software will not be added to all of their games, but mainly those that are multiplayer and easily manipulated with these kernel-level cheats.

Some players were concerned that this integration of such deep software would degrade the gameplay itself, but EA states that they have done heavy and extensive research into these technologies to ensure that they seamlessly work within the game, and do not cause any form of negative impact on the gameplay itself. More so, users were concerned about this software running consistently in the background as they run other games or apps, but EA also assures us that the application and software will only run while a game that has this software integrated is running, and once the game closes, so does the anti-cheat software.

To read the full list of questions, and concerns, as well as get more info in regards to this new software, head over to EA's official website

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