EA Announces New Star Wars Game by Respawn Entertainment


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EA Announces New Star Wars Game by Respawn Entertainment

May 5, 2016

By: Robert Grosso


The Force is strong with Electronic Arts, according to EA's own blog

Yesterday, EA announced that a new Star Wars game is currently in development by Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Titanfall. The announcement by Executive Vice President of EA Studios, Patrick Söderlund, notes how a number of studios under EA, including BioWare, Visceral Games, DICE and more, are hard at work on creating new games set in the Star Wars universe, or continuously updating existing games such as the MMO The Old Republic and Battlefront.  Söderlund also notes that a new team from Respawn, headed by Stig Asmussen. Asmussen was a designer and developer of the God of War series, including being the Game Director of God of War III before joining Respawn Enterainment in 2014.

Asmussen stated in his own personal blog that their plan is to make a third person action game set in the Star Wars universe, and that Respawn Entertainment will be hiring for all departments to help work on the game.


"For me, just typing these words is surreal," states Asmussen on his blog. "I have been playing Star Wars games my whole life, now I get to make a Star Wars game.  On top of that, I get to do it at Respawn, a studio comprised of the most talented collection of game makers, creators, visionaries, and (most importantly) advocates for the player, that I have had the good fortune to work with.  And we, like you all, have no shortage of Star Wars passion."

EA has been given an exclusive partnership deal with Disney, acquiring the license for new Star Wars IP back in 2013. Star Wars: Battlefront was the first major game released under this deal, with more games planned for the next few years. 

Respawn Entertainment was founded by Vince Zampella, formerly of Infinity Ward, and was responsible for the multiplayer shooter Titanfall, which was released under the EA Partners program back in 2014. Including this Star Wars title, Respawn Entertainment is also developing Titanfall 2, which is currently on track to be released later this year. 

So are you excited by more games set in a galaxy far, far away ? Leave your comments below. 

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