EA Announces NBA LIVE 16 Pro-Am

Published: August 13, 2015 11:48 AM /



Today Electronic Arts announced they will be launching a separate online game mode, NBA LIVE 16 Pro-Am for NBA Live 16. It will be available as a digital download for free on September 15th for Xbox One and Playstation 4. Here's a rundown of what we know so far:

LIVE Run - Join up to 9 friends and play pickup basketball on real-life courts like Rucker Park, Venice Beach, Jordan Terminal 23 and many more.

Summer Circuit - Online Co-op mode where you and a friend take on some of the NBA's best and brightest stars across North America.

GameFace HDEA also has announced their new smartphone companion app, GameFace HD. Quickly and easily scan your face and import into the new LIVE Run and Summer Circuit modes, as well as the single player Rising Star career mode. The technology in this app is the same that's used to scan the faces of real-life NBA players for NBA LIVE 16. The app will be available on September 8th.

Tip Off and Learn LIVE - Tip Off is an exhibition-style play with 6 NBA teams allowing you to practice with friends and get familiar with NBA Live 16. Learn LIVE is a tutorial mode with multiple drills to get acquainted with the NBA LIVE controls as well as the fundamentals of basketball.

LIVE Spot & Customization Gallery - On top of being able to scan your face, NBA LIVE has partnered with world-renowned tattoo artist Randy Harris to allow you to ink up your created player anyway you choose from the abundant options of tattoo's he has created. You also will have a plethora of authentic gear and shoes to choose from

Quick Take

One intriguing aspect of this mode, is the fact that it's called Pro-Am just like NBA 2K's online mode. With that being said, NBA LIVE Pro-Am still seems different from NBA2K's. One huge difference is the settings: 2K allows you to fully customize your jerseys and arenas, whereas NBA LIVE puts the focus more on pickup basketball and playing in real-world courts across the country. Another aspect of NBA LIVE that has me curious is the GameFace HD feature. For those who have newer smartphones with high end front-facing cameras should be fine, but how will the quality be with those who have older smartphones? 


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