E3 2017 - Sony Announces PlayLink for PlayStation 4

Published: June 13, 2017 10:28 AM /


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Sony has introduced PlayLink, a new way to play games on your PlayStation 4. Specifically, it allows you to use your smartphones and tablets with your PlayStation 4 games.

The technology is pretty simple, allowing you to connect your phones to your PlayStation for specific games that need the use of your touchscreen or camera to be played. For the most part, this is made for party games, and games that require multiple people without needing to buy controllers or share a single screen.

The first game that will be compatible with PlayLink is a party game called That's You!. The game is a goofy quiz show sort of game where you have to complete little challenges and then vote on who did it best. For example, you may be asked to draw one player in riot gear, and then that player picks who drew them best. That's You! is set to launch June 4th, and as a neat bonus, PlayStation Plus owners can grab the game completely for free.


While That's You! will be the first game to support PlayLink, Sony did announce four other games that will also be doing so. One of the games is Hidden Agenda, a cinematic co-op crime thriller. We already ran a news article about it, so you can check out more about the game here.

Another game is Knowledge is Power, a trivia game where you need to answer questions quickly and correctly while not being distracted by various distractions. Fourth is Frantics, an arcade style mini-game collection where four players are pit against each other and need to watch out as The Fox attempts to hijack the games to mess with the players. The final game is SingStar Celebration, a karaoke game where you can sing along to your favorite songs using your phone as a microphone. Sony has also stated that more games are currently in development that will take advantage of PlayLink.

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