E3 2017 - Rayark's Implosion Heading to the Switch

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Rayark's critically acclaimed iOS action-RPG Implosion: Never Lose Hope is getting a release on the Nintendo Switch.

The game will be only on the Nintendo eShop, and at this time, only for Japanese audiences on the Switch at the price of ¥1,100, or roughly $9.99, according to a Famitsu article, as reported by Gematsu.

The game is a futuristic action-RPG, where players will control the "WM-III" battle suit to take down enemies. The suit allows you to execute skills and stylish actions, all combined with the games simple combo controls. The Y button, for example, is used for consecutive attacks, while the X button can execute heavy attacks. All of your actions also change depending on the time of the attacks, similar to the Paper Mario series and other games where perfect timing can mean bigger damage.

Players can also strengthen their WM-III suits with Arks, equipment that can enhance skills in battle. There are four types of Arks found in the game, with seven equipped on a battle suit at one time.

Implosion: Never Lose Hope was named mobile game of the year in 2015 and has developed a massive following since it's release. In late 2015, a Kickstarter campaign for an Implosion Anime Film titled Zero Day was launched and successfully raised over $400,000 to help fund the project.

Development for the Switch version is "99% complete" and will feature Japanese voice actors in several key roles, including Kaito Ishikawa and Asami Seto as the two leads.

Currently, there is no mention if the game will be released in the West on the Switch, but it is currently available on mobile devices for $9.99. A release date for the Switch version was not announced.

What are your thoughts on Implosion: Never Lose Hope? Willing to play a mobile game on a console like the Switch? Leave your comments below.

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