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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

When it comes to football (soccer) and football games, Pro Evolution Soccer has never really been the first game to mind.  In a world dominated by the games from EA Sports, it's easy to forget that there's another stellar option out there in which I can play as the greatest team in all sports.  Between the fluid player animation, new game modes and HUD, and improved PC port, its clear that Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is definitely a step above from the previous games.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 introduces what developer Konami is calling "The Super 7."  "The Super 7" is seven major changes with the gameplay, design, and overall presentation.

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1. Gameplay Masterclass: It's clear after playing the game for a bit that Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is a massive step forward and brings it to the level of quality and fun as that other soccer game.  The dribbling felt natural and made moving the ball across the pitch extremely fun thanks to tweaked ball control and opposition awareness.

2. Presentation Overhaul: Thanks to the FOX engine, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is able to render some incredibly detailed looking players as well as the stadiums they play in.  Goalies now have an urgent look on their faces when the opposition is nearby and running animations don't look like the players are skating on ice anymore.

3. PES League Integration: Random selection matches return to the series as well as the inclusion of online co-op.

4. Online co-op: Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 introduces a brand new online and local co-op 3v3 mode.  This mode can be played with 2 players on one couch and one online or all 3 players online.

5. New Modes and Features: Aside from random selection matches and 3v3, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 improves its preexisting modes with locker room cutscenes, pre match interviews, and new crowd reactions and songs.

6. Enhanced Visuals: Players received full body scans down to their tattoos and ways they control the ball, as well as every stadium in the game getting an incredibly detailed render down to the signs over halls and locker rooms.

7. PC Improvements: Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 finally has a good PC port. Graphically, PC players will be able to push the visuals as far as their hardware will let them and the game itself will be on par with its console ports in every way possible.

After the presentation and hands on demo, I spent a few moments with a developer and talked about why Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is a leap forwards for the series and exactly what fans are wanting.  More information will be revealed at gamescom about gameplay modes, legendary players, and whose going to be on this year's cover.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 comes to the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC September 12 2017. 

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