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Published: June 16, 2017 5:15 PM /


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Remember Xbox Avatars? It's okay if you forgot. On the Xbox 360 they would be quickly customized and then forgotten. It seems now Microsoft is overhauling avatars to make them shiny and new.

In a video showing off the new avatars we can see a noticeable improvement in both graphical quality and animations. The avatars could dance, show off emotions, and had many new tools and items to work with. Some customization was shown off, allowing a user to use a radial menu to change the color of both their avatar's mask and hair, and the hair of the unicorn they were riding on. Each avatar had on some unique costumes as well, one looking like a country singer, another dressed up as a monkey in a business suit, while a third was a pirate.


If there's one extremely noticeable thing about the new avatars, its that Microsoft really seems to be trying to make sure there's an avatar for everybody. One avatar was in a wheelchair, another had a prosthetic leg very similar to ones you would see on athletes, one avatar was even pregnant. The customization among the avatars was very noticeable and it seemed like Microsoft was really pushing to make sure there was an avatar that could represent you best. If these avatars will be used for anything other than sitting on your Xbox dashboard and next to your friends listings still remains to be seen, however.

The new avatars will be launching on Xbox One sometime this fall.

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How do you feel about Microsoft's new avatars? Going to make one that looks like you? Not interested in it? Going to miss your old avatar? Let us know in the comments!

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