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The gaming community is on the cusp of an arena shooting revival. Brought on in equal parts by the insane success of Overwatch and the natural progression of older AAA stalwarts to keep ramping up the speed, the days of Unreal Tournament and Quake are back. However, there are new contenders in this game of deathmatch, and one of the most notable is LawBreakers. At E3 this year, Boss Key head honcho Cliff Bleszinski took to the stage of the PC Gaming Show and announced that his studio's movement based arena shooter would release on August 8th for just $30. No paid DLC, no Free To Play, no microtransactions, just a sharp new multiplayer shooter at the right price.


Having played the game on and off through various betas and getting some significant hands-on time on the E3 show floor, I can say with some certainty that future owners of LawBreakers are getting a hell of a deal. The control quirks and confusing gametypes have been ironed out over time, and the game now plays just as you'd want it to. Playing on PS4, I was able to flank opponents and leap for miles through areas of low gravity while chasing after a robotic ball voiced by Justin Roiland. The over the top attitude and excessive cursing of some of the characters has also been toned down, and the result is less of an edgy teen vibe and more of the cool that exudes from Unreal Tournament. It feels dated, but in the way that you want it to, especially considering its genre.


You can expect plenty more LawBreakers coverage in the weeks and months leading up to release, but get your fill now as I sat down with Boss Key Communications Manager Rhan Rivas inside the LawBreakers booth to talk about Xbox controller support on PC, how Rick and Morty's creator got involved with the game, and just why $30 is the exact right price.

LawBreakers was demoed at E3 2017. It will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC on August 8th. For more E3 2017 coverage than you could ever possibly want, hit up our Coverage Hub.

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