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Action games should be the purest expressions of gameplay available on the market. They are forged on dazzling combos and complex mechanics that have players stringing together attacks in one swift motion. It's all about a lone hero against the world, fighting creatures twice your size with skill and grace. Therefore, it's a shame that so many fights against truly massive foes end with a few telegraphed button presses and a cinematic. Instead of truly defeating a foe the way you want, you're treated to the one preplanned way that a bruiser is supposed to go down. Extinction aims to help change that.


From Iron Galaxy and published by Maximum Games, Extinction is a single player focused slasher about toppling an army of towering ogres bent on crushing your town underfoot. You are Avil, the final sentinel and last line of defense. Utilizing your impressive wall running, grappling, jumping, and agile swordsmanship, you have to cut these brutes down to size one limb at a time.

That's harder than it seems too. Players will have to sever buckles, bash through helmets, and delicately target each limb they want to sever. It's all timed as well since your foes can regrow limbs if you just leave them lying for too long. A lot of comparisons have been made to Attack on Titan, and I think those are warranted here. You get the best parts of that show's action without all of the messy shonen drama to muck it up.

As I watched my demo, the main thing that stuck out at me was the game's color palate. It's easy for a swords and sorcery game to be caught up in darkened colors and drab backgrounds, especially if that game's lore is taken seriously. Since we're dealing with the developers of Divekick and Wreckateer here, that isn't a problem. Extinction's army of baddies come from all shades of the rainbow, with splashes of pink and neon green that contrast with the sandy desert environments. It's an eye-catching look to be sure.

There is plenty more to come from Extinction, and I look forward to hopefully getting a hands on look at the game at some point before its scheduled 2018 release.

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