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Watch Dogs 2

The reveal event for Watch Dogs 2 has just ended showing off 20 minutes of game play coupled with developers and designers talking about the direction that they wanted to head in with this sequel. We got to meet the main character, learn about his abilities and skills, and more about the world around him and how he can interact with it.



Watched videos about creating weapons out of household objects, the weapon that they ended up choosing was a billiards ball with a wire through it. The motivation for Marcus Holloway, the new protagonist, is his involvement in hacktivism after being wrongly arrested for a crime that he did not commit.

Deadsec Logo

Deadsec, the hacker organization that Marcus works for, makes sure to have a purpose about their activation but also follow the visual language of the internet and keep the idea of the "lulz". They don't want the abuse of technology to be use to control people, but more to gain themselves and to have fun.


In Watch Dogs 2 there is a lot more depth to hacking such as remote controlling vehicles to a different level. If you take over any object, vehicle, or electronics in the city then you will be able to take complete control.

RC Hopper

The equipment that you'll be able to use has been expanded to include a RC jumper with an interact arm, a quad-copter, and a taser to be able to complete the game non-lethally. You will be able to hack anyone in the city in this game, not just your targets. This means that you can hack someone to distract them, or later on your will be able to mass hack to create a large distraction.

There will be a variety of different ways that you will be able to play from run and gun, full stealth, to full hack where you can project yourself and do everything remotely.

Seamless Online will be expanded upon in Watch Dogs 2 where you can cross paths with other players in single player games and be able to immediately pair up to cause some havoc. 

Watch Dogs 2 will be released on the 15th of November and there will also be a demo for those at E3 to play. In addition to the standard edition of the game where will also be the Deluxe edition that includes the game and digital customization items, the Gold Edition that will have customization items and the Season pass, and a Collector's Edition that will come in Standard, Deluxe, or Gold. The Collector's Edition will have an exclusive Wrench Junior Robot that can be controlled by an app for smartphones and tablets. Pre-ordering the game will also get you an extra mission called Zodiac Killer which will reward you with an exclusive outfit.

What do you think of the Watch Dogs 2 reveal? Are you excited for some of the new features? Is there anything that you wish you could do in Watch Dogs 2 that you couldn't before?

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