E3 2016 - Sekai Project Recap

Published: June 12, 2016 8:57 PM /


Sekai Project with Limited Run

After the hustle and bustle of EA's very high profile, and very high production value stream, Sekai Project made a small, low key stream with a number of announcements in tow.  The first announcement was a partnership with Limited Run Games and Mighty Rabbit to bring some of their games to a physical edition, even with only a very limited run.  Their title coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita through this partnership will be announced at Sony's press conference later.  Part of Sekai Project's partnership with Limited Run Games is the porting of Ren'Py, a Python scripting language based visual novel engine, to Unity - which would, by extension, also bring it to every current console that has Unity support (which encompases the entire current gen). Depending on how this works out this could have a lot of impact on numerous games created in the free Ren'Py engine.

Following that was an announcement for a management sim game coming out on Steam tomorrow, Cherry Tree High Girls' Fight, at a price of 12.99.  A trailer was shown for the game, which was described along the lines as a "waifu wars simulator".  The goal of the game is to train several female fighters to go head to head with other competitors and come out on top.  There will be training segments where you plan out your team's training regimen, and then fight segments where your team goes up against another team in hopes of claiming victory.  The performance of your team will hinge on their training regimens, so the player will have to be sure to manage them effectively!  There are no plans for a physical release of Cherry Tree High Girls' Fight.


Sekai Project then showed a trailer for FoxDawn's clicker game, Clicker Guild. FoxDawn is the new brand that Winged Cloud (Creators of the Sakura series) launched to explore other types of games and art styles. In it, you will be able to hire a number of heroes and then click your way to victory against large monsters.  There are random loot drops in place that you can collect over the course of the game. Also detailed was the recent release of Sakura DungeonSakura Dungeon has been a financial success for Sekai Project so far.

Sekai Project - Clicker Guild gameplay
A clicker game with loot drops is the next clicker out Winged Cloud's side brand, which Sekai Project will be publishing.

Next up was a review of their Indiegogo funding efforts for Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto. Stretch goals were shown on the screen, from a mobile port to Android OS at 21,000, additional content at 25,000, to localization of the light novels at 30,000, localization of the manga at 35,000, and a string arrangement CD for the soundtrack of the game.

Sekai Project Indiegogo Stretch Goals
Sekai Projects stretch goals for Ne no Kami were shown on the stream.

They then invited the composer Chris Huelsbeck working on the arrangement of Narcissu's soundtrack, of which Sekai Project recently released their 10th Anniversary Anthology Project of this year. Chris has previously worked on projects such as Gianna SistersTurrican, R-Type and Rogue Squadron. Chris's resume expands over 100 projects over his 30 years in the industry, and this will be his first work on a visual novel leading to some interesting moments on stream as Sekai Project's people had to explain terms such as Waifu.

During the Q and A, it was revealed that World End Economica's final episode is 98% done with translation and will soon be sent to editing and programming.

Here are a few final quick hits from their QnA:

  • They are looking into otome games. 
  • They revealed that they are publishing Maitetsu.
  • Sekai Project plans to announce something every day over the course of E3.

Sekai Project, alongside Chris Huelsbeck, will also be at Anime Expo - another event that TechRaptor will be covering from the show floor.

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for all of our updates over the course of E3!


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