E3 2016 - Phantom Dust Re-release Coming in 2017

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E3 2016 Phantom Dust

During E3 2016, Microsoft Studios announced in a press release that the company was planning on releasing a remastered Phantom Dust for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows platforms.  The Canadian-based Code Mystics will be handling the development of the title.

This isn't the first time that Phantom Dust has been announced for a re-release.  During E3 2014, a remake was also announced, with development team Darkside Studios at the helm.  Unfortunately, Darkside Studios shut down in 2015, after which Microsoft Studios shelved the project .

Gameplay in Phantom Dust consists of using of building an "arsenal" from 300 diverse skills to engage in single or multi-player combat.  The game's solo player campaign focuses on a character named Alpha, and it's the players job to complete missions across a ravaged Earth in order to discover the mysteries behind the titular "Phantom Dust".

According to the Microsoft Studios press release, the re-release will support cross-platform play and saves, an improvement to game balance and frame rate, and -unlike the original - a revamped multiplayer skill shop that won't be tied to progress in the solo player campaign.

Phantom Dust is currently in development and is scheduled for a release sometime in 2017.  Further details on MSRP and ESRB ratings are unavailable at this time.

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Quick Take

I was honestly surprised to hear that Microsoft Studios was taking a crack at remaking this so soon after the last attempt failed.  I thought it would be a couple of years at least until they gave it another shot.  I'm glad they are, though - with support having ended for the original release years ago, and the cult hit status of the game, fans needed to be rewarded for their loyalty.

What are your thoughts on Phantom Dust? Are you excited to see it remastered for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox One?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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