E3 2016 - Nintendo Reveals New IP “Ever Oasis"

Published: June 15, 2016 4:20 PM /


Ever Oasis

On June 15th, 2016, Nintendo had a brand new IP to reveal for the Nintendo 3DS, Ever Oasis. Developed by Grezzo, in this game, you play in the desert, developing your own Oasis, a village with merchants and restaurants for wandering travelers. In addition to managing your village, a core part of the game will revolve around venturing through dungeons and solving puzzles, very much like a Zelda game. The main character is called a 'seedling', they are a race of people who can plant 'bloomboothes' or stores around their oasis, and they also have a wind ability which is used to solve puzzles.


Ever Oasis is real time action based, and you control 3 characters in your party. While venturing in a dungeon, you and 2 other characters scavange for rarities in a dungeon, and use each character's unique trait in order to solve each part. You have to prepare ahead of time and bring the people based on what the dungeon needs. In combat, you can switch between your three characters based around what you're fighting. Bringing a party full of different weapons and abilities is recommended.

In the demo shown, the main character had a wind ability to blow away leaves or sand, another lizard like character had a long staff that was used to pierce ore or lift large objects out of the way, and a small armadillo like creature could roll into a ball and navigate smaller areas. Puzzles seem to be very environmentally based.

A big part of managing your town is keeping your stores stocked with inventory, and in turn, you get money from the stores. Managing the economy appears to be the central focus in Ever Oasis. You don't actually buy your own equipment, you grow it using seeds that you gather from adventuring. 



Based on what we've learned, Ever Oasis plans to be released on the Nintendo 3DS in 2017.

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