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Monster Hunter Generations is getting a playable demo out on June 30th, according to a press release by Capcom.

The demo will allow for players to take down three different monsters of varying difficulty, and will feature online multiplayer. Players are encouraged to team up with fellow monster hunters to take down the beasts in the demo, which supports 4-player co-op. The monsters in question include two new creatures, the Great Maccao and the owl-like Malfesito. The hardest challenge, however, comes from a fan-favorite monster, Nargacuga. 


In addition to the demo, Capcom is also going to be giving a select number of fans special early access codes for the demo starting today. Other fans can also access the demo for Monster Hunter Generations via the Humble Bundle E3 2016 Ticket, which offers a demo code as an exclusive debut. Otherwise, players can wait until June 30th to try it out. 

The latest title in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Generations will have players face off against old and new creatures from the past generation of Monster Hunter titles, taking on giant creatures and protecting four distinct towns from monsters known as the Fated Four. The game also has new mechanics for the series called Hunter Styles, which add different attack types to your weapons, and Hunter Arts, special moves that, once charged up, can provide massive bonuses or do major damage against monsters in the field. Another new addition is Prowler Mode, which will have players take on the role of a Feyline, the cat-like beings that have populated the series.

Monster Hunter Generations is scheduled for a full release in North America and Europe on July 15th. Remember, you can find more of our E3 coverage at our E3 2016 Coverage Hub.

So what do you think about Monster Hunter Generations? Looking to try out the demo? Leave your comments below. 

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