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LEGO Dimensions Preview

Last year saw Lego step into the toys-to-life genre of games with Lego Dimensions. While they won't be making a new Lego Dimensions this year, they will be adding expansions to the base game.

The big feature comes in new "Story Packs". These packs will be 6 levels long and generally cover the plotline of whichever movie they're based on. The first story pack will be coming out on September 27th and will be based on the Ghostbusters reboot. The Ghostbusters Story Pack will also come with Abby Yates as a playable character, and allow you to build the new Ecto-1. Future Story Packs will be made for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and The Lego Batman Movie. Story Packs come with more than just the six levels based on the movie too. It seems the Story Packs will also give you new abilities to use in the levels that originally came with Lego Dimensions, a cool bonus for those who want to get to the original still.


Level Packs are still around too, these being a single level based on a usually very popular scene in a movie franchise, or an episode in a TV series. Releasing along with the Ghostbusters Story Pack will be two Level Packs: one based on Adventure Time and another based on Mission: Impossible. The Adventure Time Level Pack will come with Finn the Human, the Jakemobile, an Ancient War Elephant, and the Battle Evil in the Land of Ooo! level. The Mission: Impossible Level Pack will contain Ethan Hunt, an IMF Scramble, the IMF Sports Car, and the Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it... level.

But wait there's more! The new wave will also have two Team Packs, which contain two new playable characters and two new vehicles or gadgets for the characters to use. One is Adventure Time based and will contain Jake the Dog, Lumpy Space Princess, BMO, and the Lumpy Car. The other pack is Harry Potter based and has Harry Potter, Voldemort, an Enchanted Car, and the Hogwarts Express. There's also one Fun Pack coming, which includes a single character and a vehicle. This one is based on The A-Team and it includes B.A. Baracus and his van.

While that's all that will be included in "Wave 6" that this expansion consists of, Lego Dimensions has plans for a Wave 7, 8, and 9 as well. While they haven't said who's going to be in future packs, many franchises have been lined up to join the game. You want to have Sonic? He'll be there. Ever want to see The Powerpuff Girls duke it out with the Teen Titans? This is the game for you. Want to live out your dream Goonies/Knight Rider/Gremlins/Beetlejuice crossover fan fiction? Boy do I got good news for you.

The next wave of Lego Dimension toys hits September 27th, with future waves to follow.

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